Dec 12, 2011

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon episode 11

Bleh, today is just downright awful. My work is all done, yet I’m still stuck here to fulfill my working hours. It’s all good though! Today I’m picking up my new laptop after work, I’ll be sure to post something about that too.

I decided to watch my share of anime here because, well… There’s nothing really much else I can do right now. I must say that this episode was pretty good, there was a lot of action, humor and, well… A lot of other things I rather not discuss.

Innocentius finally stood up to do something about the latest developments himself. He’s not the type of man that fights one on one, which is why he brought along Galileo, his army and his weapon, supposedly a Deadly Sin Armament that governs Lust, also known as “The Embodiment of Lust.”

That weapon has no offensive powers, but it does have the ability to form a sphere that envelops 3 kilometers in every direction, stripping every weapon in its radius from its strength.  So basically; all weapons are useless when inside the sphere, including muscle power.

This is where the weirdness bar got raised to a whole new level. It seems that power, or money as some would call it, got transferred to Toori, and through him to all the soldiers on the battlefield. The fight rages on as all the soldiers make use of this defensive blessing. But it doesn’t all smell of roses, there’s a minor glitch in this plan. You see, this power requires some standards. He who uses this power, in this care Toori, must remain ‘happy’ at all times.  The offering would fail if he were to feel in the slightest bit of sadness, resulting in his untimely demise.

It finally happened though! Innocentius has finally been challenged to a one on one by none other than Masazumi. What amazes me is not that he got challenged, after all; he had it coming. Was amazes me is that was actually man enough to accept.

Everyone is now engaging in their own private battle and, not that it really matters, yet there’s still no end in sight. Until now I always that that Galileo wasn’t that much of a threat, he didn’t seem that strong because his power rely on Ptolemaic and Copernican theories as abilities. He did put up a fair fight though, but in the end the result was still the same, he ended up losing due to his overconfidence.

The episode’s ending was really weird, so I can’t make much of that. What’s clear is that the next episode should be fairly conclusive, but I’m merely basing this on the fact that the show has two episodes left. Key characters are now engaging in battle, two of which have been defeated, so the next episode should do it.

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