Dec 19, 2011

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon episode 12

Alright. I’ll quickly write something about this new episode. It amazes me that Hatena, the group behind the subs, can sub this quickly. I wouldn’t go about saying that Hatena is a pretty known group, because they’re really not, but that’s alright. Their subs are pretty accurate, isn’t that what counts?

The fighting and pointless chatter still continues as we start the episode. Futayo is now up against Muneshige, a man known for his incredible speed. These two were pretty well matched against one another, but Muneshige had trouble keeping up with Futayo’s speed. I don’t know whether or not it’s because of the wounds he obtained during his fight a few episodes back, or that his speed is simply lacking, but he lost against Futayo in speed, and thus the whole match.

The war is still raging on as time is running out. Toori decided to go have a chat with Horizon, but it didn’t go quite smoothly. Horizon is completely emotionless as the keeps denying Toori’s advances. She claims to have reached a decision. But Toori had one of his very own, as he decided to hunt down all the Deadly Sin Armaments in order to restore Horizon’s emotions, as they were once part of her.

Later followed a long and very pointless debate on how much the two disagreed with one another. It was so tiring to watch, I really want to go to bed right now. But! Things started picking up when Horizon became more compliant to Toori’s requests. This became a problem for Innocentius, so he decided to step in before it something bad happened. He ordered all of his men to attack, hoping it would stop Toori from freeing Horizon.

Toori, in all the excitement, ended up touching Horizon’s breast through that magic wall. Everything that touches that magic wall supposedly dies. Needless to say that Toori, as well as Horizon, because Toori touched her breasts as well as that wall, was sent to another world to relive a certain moment in their past. It was a touching moment and the two finally decided to work together on saving one another.

Not only did the two escape death, but it also seems like they’re finally together. I’m happy for Toori, I really am, he’s an idiot, but even idiots deserve happiness. I’m rather curious about next week’s episode, I doubt that Innocentius is going to take it sitting down, he probably still has an trick or two up his sleeve.

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