Apr 9, 2014

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Lady Jewelpet

Why!? Why must Japan keep on making crap like this? Just stop with the magical girls. It does nothing more than create pathetic guys that lose sight of the real world. I think there’s only one decent Mahou Shoujo anime in existence.

Lady JewelpetThe artwork is just the worst. It’s like they took one can of girly crap, which is bad enough, and spiced it up with a whole crate of girly crap. No wonder women aren’t the superior sex. You couldn’t possibly be if you actually like this crap.

Is there a story present? Is there!? I honestly have no idea. The overwhelming artwork just made me lose focus. All I saw was little girls, little animals and a sh*tload of bling. It’s the story of thing you’d see in Justin Bieber’s room.

I do not recommend this whatsoever. I refuse to believe that there are a lot of girls and children out there that actually prefer to watch crap like this. I absolutely refuse it. I don’t have a lot of faith in humanity these days, but I have to believe that we’re better than this.

Plot Summary: Momona is a normal middle school girl who is longing to see her older nephew getting married. In a unexpected twist during his wedding day, she got transported to a new place called Jewel Land where she saw a lot of girls being mysteriously brought in. She then met a white rabbit as she introduced herself as Ruby, a Jewelpet who chose Momona to become a Ladyjewel Candidate alongside other girls in hopes to become a Lady Jewel, the highest ranked lady in Jewel Land. Momona herself hesitantly accepts the offer and she and Ruby decides to work together in order to achieve her goal. But standing in their way is both Lillian and her Jewelpet Partner, Rua who also wants the crown title.

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