Dec 4, 2011

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Life Is Dead gets live-action film

A live-action film adaptation of Tomohiro Koizumi’s zombie manga Life Is Dead will open in Japan next spring. The story is set in a provincial Japanese city in the near future, as an undead virus rapidly spreads and turns humans into the “walking dead.” A young man named Akaboshi becomes a NEET (not in Education, Employment, or Training) who cannot land a job — thanks to being infected with the virus before his high school graduation. The manga and the film follow Akaboshi’s final days with his family, lover, and friends.

Atsushi Arai (Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max’s Kamen Rider Aqua) of the young actors’ unit D2 will star as Akaboshi. Higarino (Tengoku kara no Yell) will play the heroine, and Arai’s fellow D2 member Shintarō Akutsu, Ryō Shihono, and Airi Nakajima round out the cast. Kōsuke Hishinuma (Kunoichi Ninpochō)is writing and directing the film. The manga’s surrealness will be recreated with scenes such as zombies appearing from rice paddies with Mt. Fuji in the background.

Another manga by Koizumi, Seishun Kinzoku Bat (Green Mind, Metal Bats), was also adaped into a live-action film with actor Masanobu Andou and actress Maki Sakai.

Source: Cinema Today

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