Feb 19, 2012

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Love Live! School Idol Project gets anime in 2013

Love Live! School Idol Project gets anime in 2013

The official website for the Love Live! School Idol Project announced on Sunday that the project will be adapted into an anime series for release next year. The announcement was first made at the end of the “μ’s First LoveLive!” concert on Sunday. (The μ’s group is an idol group made up of members from Love Live! School Idol Project).

The anime studio Sunrise, the music label Lantis, and ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki G Magazine developed Love Live! School Idol Project as a self-described “ultimate user-participation project” which lets its fans vote on the future of the fictional idol characters. Online mobile phone polls have determined different aspects of the idols, such as hairstyles and costumes.

The project already inspired several animated music videos. Below is the video for μ’s fourth single:

Source: Otakomu

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