Aug 5, 2012

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Lychee Light Club anime green-lit

Lychee Light Club anime green-lit

The official website of the Lychee Light Club (Litchi Hikari Club) horror comedy franchise revealed that a television anime adaptation will premiere this October. The title of the anime will be Litchi DE Hikari Club (Lychee DE Light Club). More details will be provided on the “Litchi Hikari Club Secret Base” website.

The story revolves around nine students at an all-boys school who create a god-like Lychee machine — that runs on lychee fruits — to seek out the beautiful women of the world. However, the machine eventually becomes self-aware “and is soon equally capable of measuring beauty and executing justice.”

Usumaru Furuya’s one-volume Lychee Light Club manga ran in Ohta Publishing’s Manga Erotics F magazine from 2005 to 2006. The North American manga publisher Vertical released the manga in April 2011. The story already spawned a prequel manga and stage play.

Source: ANN

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