Jan 5, 2016

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Macross Delta

Another Macross serie… Why am I not surprised at all by this? The Macross series have never been my cup of tea and they never will be since they cannot change the fundament part of the series; heroines singing during fights.

Macross DeltaI am okay with the artwork. It all looks pretty interesting and it shows a lot of promise. I have been told that a respectable studio has put a lot of work in Macross Delta. Haven’t really done my homework on that one.

Story-wise it’s a total no-go for me. I don’t like the idea of girls singing in order to defeat enemies. Just like those Symphogear series (I don’t even remember the full name because I was so uninterested); singing heroines and fighting mechs just don’t go together for me. It’s impossible to take serious.

I for one am not at all a fan. Go ahead if you are a Macross fan, but go check out the Gundam series if you prefer real mecha-genre anime.

Plot Summary: Macross Delta is set in the year 2067, 8 years after the events of the latest Macross TV series, Macross Frontier. The story focuses on Walküre, a team of talented idols and Valkyrie pilots and the Delta Squadron, a team of experienced Valkyrie pilots as they battle against the Var Syndrome, a mysterious entity that’s consuming the galaxy. But both must battle the mysterious Aerial Knights, a group of Valkyrie pilots from the Kingdom of Wind.

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