Jan 14, 2014

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Magical Warfare

Quite a messy start, but what can you expect from magic-genre anime? I’m just glad that there aren’t any loli’s with girly wands and messed up catchphrases. The world has seen more than enough of those shows, enough is enough.

Magical WarfareI’m satisfied. It’s clearly not a budget product. Great character design, great effects and I have no complaints about the details. It all looks pretty good. A character whose breasts suddenly increase in size is enough for me to give the artwork two dumbs up.

I’m quite interested in the story, too. The whole concept of magic in this story is refreshing and I’m actually pretty interested in learning more about the way things work in their world. Only teenagers can become magicians, huh? Sure, why not?

I suggest that magic fans give this show a try. I thought that it was quite amusing and I think that the story shows quite a lot of promise. Stop looking at little, flat-chested girls with strange voices and stupid wands… Now it’s your chance to start watching real magic-genre anime!

Plot Summary: When Nanase Takeshi, a regular high school student, encounters Aiba Miu, a girl from a world of destruction, he winds up getting involved in a grand battle between mages. In order to save Miu, in order to save the world, and in order to change destiny. A real, modern-day magical action story begins now.

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