Nov 20, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 08

Oh come on, why did they take this approach? This episode was like a story from Ageha that went from scene to scene, it was very difficult to follow sometimes. It was confusing sometimes because you couldn’t always tell whether you were looking at the past or present.

The episode continues the fight between Momoya and one of the old Divas. But she wasn’t her old self anymore, she has undergone surgery to replace most of her limbs with cybernetics, which theoretically makes her a cyborg. But it seems, if I understood correctly, that it wasn’t her choice. She was attacked during one of her missions. Like I said; it was very difficult to follow. I don’t know whether she’s completely dead and simply replaced by an A.I. or something, or if some of her organs, like her brain, remained intact, and that they simply replaced the unsalvageable “parts”.

Momoyo went head-to-head with this thing. Yeah, you saw what you saw, she’s a “thing” now.  What’s so surprising about this is that she actually wasn’t able to defeat it. Momoyo is known to be (one of the) strongest out there, but she just couldn’t defeat her. She kept attacking, using her life force to help regenerate rapidly and, not that it mattered, dodging as many attacks as she could. Even the assists of Christiane, Kazuko, Miyako and Yukie, all instructed by Yamato, weren’t good enough to defeat this thing.

But, even though they couldn’t defeat her, no matter what they tried, it still took a turn for the worse. Momoyo was so obsessed during her fight that she just didn’t pay any attention to her surroundings. Because of that she accidently redirected a rocket towards Yamato, who took it head on. Yamato, because of Momoyo’s carelessness, has to fight for his life as he lies hooked up in the hospital.

It was a pretty decent episode, although it could’ve been so much better without all those mixed up scenes. I’m very curious as to what Momoyo is going to do in the next episode, I can’t wait.

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