Dec 5, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 10

I was looking forward to this episode. I, based on last week’s episode, expected to see one hell of a fight, but it just didn’t happen.  To me it just looked like they were dragging it out for some reason, and that’s just weird, because the anime is nearing its end.

I mustn’t say there was no action at all though, because Cookie, that weird robot that tried to help Miyako get into Yamato’s pants, got destroyed while trying to hold the enemy captive.  I wonder, couldn’t they just rebuild him? I’m pretty sure the memory could be salvaged.

Meanwhile Christiane, Kazuko, Yukie and Miyako arrived to help out Yamato. It was pretty amazing; there were four of them, four against one, yet it still wasn’t enough to beat that little cyborg. They would’ve gotten killed if Yamato hadn’t hidden Cookie’s light saber in his pants, after which he drew it out to catch her by surprise while making several penis jokes.

Momoyo was still fighting when her opponent suddenly realized that her ally was in danger. She retreated towards her when the situation suddenly escalates. She was fully prepared to let her friend die, or maybe it was just a ruse, who knows. Both of them leaked information on why they were fighting. Fighting several opponents is one thing, but to find a whole country? That’s madness.

The two escaped, leaving the girls behind to look after the unconscious Yamato. This is where things escalated even more. Everyone, especially Yukie and her little horse friend, took notice of Momoyo and her selfishness. She wanted to keep Yamato for herself, even though she refused him twice. It seems that she only shows interest in him when she’s about to lose him.

Frankly, I’m losing confidence in the show. There is still a lot of ground to cover and they only have two episodes left to do it. I saw it happen to several shows last season, the stories were all pretty good, but they made their show drop like a rollercoaster in ratings due to a very bad ending.

  1. Man I laughed so hard when Yamato pulled out that thing out of his pants 😀

    I have to disagree on the ending bit. I think they could very well pull off a good ending with the remaining episodes. We’ll have to wait and see

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