Dec 19, 2011

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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 12

Here we go again with yet another final episode. The fall anime are slowly approached their ends, allowing for new anime to be aired this winter.  I have high hopes for this winter, I really do. I’m going to post the winter’s anime chart today too, so don’t worry!

Alright, join me as we embark upon the final episode of Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai. It seems that a war has finally started in the middle of Japan. It seems that the faith of Japan rests with Yamato and his friends. Normally a mere dozen of students couldn’t do much against armed psychopaths, but this is anime, so it should be doable.

I thought that the old man, the same pervert who controls all of those girls, was just like Yamato; a physically weak leader. But that old man actually packed quite a powerful punch as he managed to get Yukie on the ground. Yamato’s team wasn’t doing too well, as they were losing the battle one by one.

It was very disturbing to see that gay man fight, he was constantly making remarks about raping guy’s asses, probably to throw them off-guard. The fights continue to rage on as there is still no clear victor in sight. Yamato has to hurry up and do something if he wants to safe his friends. He may not be strong, but surely there’s something that he can do.

Slowly more and more of Yamato’s friends are coming to his aid. Even Cookie, who had been destroyed, rejoined the fight. The tables started to turn as more people followed Yamato in battle. I guess that’s his true strength; the ability to be a great leader, a leader worthy of following. He showed clear signs of being a great leader, even when he stood up and gave everyone a morale boost.

Suddenly the tables turned completely, as all of Yamato’s friends started getting the upper hand. The enemy had no chance but to retreat, they would’ve completely lost if they didn’t. Tachibana and her little girlfriend were the only ones left. Momoyo was fighting to the best of her abilities, but it seemed pointless, as it was the same as before. Momoyo could only use her instant regeneration ability as she tried to avoid as many of Tachibana’s attacks as possible.

The ending was so messed up. Momoyo, who defeated Tachibana, pretended to die after finally answering Yamato’s confession. It was a very emotional moment, when suddenly Yamato kisses her goodbye. Suddenly, after that kiss, Momoyo jumps up and shouts; “Yamato! I’ve been revived by your kiss!”

The episode was pretty good, despite the weird ending. Sure, it could’ve used a lot more work, and preferably some changes, but what’s done is done. I think I would’ve given the show a seven in general. It was fun to watch at times, but it simply lacked in many other departments.

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