Aug 9, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 05

Another amazingly amusing episode. I absolutely despise the people that talk negatively about this episode and refer to it as a pervert’s paradise. So what if you can see panties every now and then? You are the pervert if that’s all you see. I see a whole lot more when I watch Majimoji Rurumo.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 05 [h264-720p][CC7C70ED].mkv_snapshot_04.29_[2014.08.08_23.37.12]So Rurumo-chan got herself another job. We all know that this is just a recipe for disaster and her exmployer, Kouta’s freaky mother, should’ve known this when she saw Rurumo pointlessly trying to mop up water on the floor with a wet towel. It would’ve been better to put a collar on Rurumo and keep her leashed to her bedroom door or something. She is clumsy, naïve and highly inexperienced. She is perfect. The way she kept walking around looking for postal stamps for a train ride (how I laughed at that) was just too much. I will never believe that and might actually try that on my little niece as an innocent little prank.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 05 [h264-720p][CC7C70ED].mkv_snapshot_17.45_[2014.08.08_23.37.43]Did Rurumo reach Kouta to deliver the package that she was told to deliver? Of course. She had lots of help, but she did eventually deliver that package. So Kouta had to come to her after she kind of became host to an entire mountain of green life, but she delivered it nevertheless. I’d almost say that she isn’t a total screw-up.

Did you not love her expressions during this episode? I laugh so much that I could actually feel a piece of sanity fade away. Also, I think it’s great that she’s finally starting to understand that she has feelings for Kouta. Does she understand? I don’t know. She has become aware that she acts differently around Kouta, though. That’s a good start.

Majimoji Rurumo episode 05

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