Sep 6, 2014

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Majimoji Rurumo episode 09

Is it just me or did this episode make no sense whatsoever? The second half wasn’t all that bad, but the first half was just too strange. I hope there won’t be many more episodes like this one. I just want Rurumo to find out what happens when she completes her witch training.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 09 [h264-720p][29C7A7BA].mkv_snapshot_10.58_[2014.09.05_23.16.09]What was up with first half? I have to point out right away that I am not interested in that little midget whatsoever. Her square-like head, enormous glasses and lame haircut just makes me want to skip the scene. To see her transform herself into that… monstrosity was just incredible. Sure, it was a remarkable improvement, but to think that she forced Rurumo to do it, too. There is no character cuter in this show than Rurumo, so don’t you dare to give her a makeover like that! This whole thing could’ve been worth it if that geeky girl dressed like that more often instead of looking like a person with a sh*tload of cats.

[Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 09 [h264-720p][29C7A7BA].mkv_snapshot_21.38_[2014.09.05_23.16.25]I knew that things were going to get a whole lot better when Rurumo-chan’s little top broke and she had to walk around with “unprotected” breasts. I know how annoying that is. I had a friend once that couldn’t walk around bra-less because her nipples would rub against the insides of her shirt, making her feel very uncomfortable and insecure. I guess bras really are important, huh?

I guess Rurumo really does care a great deal for Kouta. She seemed to really care for his opinion when she finally tried on her new bra. Her expression at that point was absolutely brilliant. Too bad that Kouta, being his usual naïve self, didn’t pick up on that. I really feel for Rurumo. She tries so hard and works even harder, yet Kouta remains ignorant… Poor Rurumo…

Majimoji Rurumo episode 09 screencaps

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