Jul 12, 2013

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Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

We have very few shows this season that don’t have a slice of life story, so why is it that a lot of those shows suck? I mean, I started watching this and I was interested at first, but I kept watching more and more and I actually got a bit bored at one point…

Makai Ouji Devils and RealistI won’t b*tch about how the artwork is okay at best. I enjoyed a few of the characters, the sceneries and even the action scenes, but that’s where it ends. It never really made an impact.

Frankly, the story isn’t that much better. A demon that gets summoned by some snobby rich kid ends up paying his bills, only to find out that the aforementioned demon actually enrolled in the very same school to come and stalk you? Great…

There is no doubt about it that there’s more to this than meets the eye, but I always say that first impressions are very important. I cannot help but be negative when I actually got bored during the first episode. I’m not going to recommend this half-heartedly, so just give the first episode a try and see what you think for yourself.

Plot Summary: The story revolves around William, an aristocratic family’s progeny with rare intellect. One day, his uncle lost his possessions after his business failed. Fearing that his family’s name has been tarnished, William returns home and searches with his family’s butler for anything that can be converted into cash. A search of the premises yields an underground room left by an ancestor. In the room is a magical seal, and William unintentionally summons a devil. The summoned devil tells William his name Dantalion, and reveals that William is the designator who can choose the acting ruler of the demon world.

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