Oct 21, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 03

About time, I was getting really impatient. The third episode got aired two days ago, but the subbed version finally appeared earlier this evening.  I don’t want to have to wait two extra days every week, that would suck so hard. I wonder why Maken-Ki! is only being subbed by Hatsuyuki, because it’s pretty good. People who like hilarious ecchi animes, like me, would love this one.

I’m very curious about Takeru’s Maken. Takeru came between Azuki and her opponent, catching his blow head-on. Not many people noticed, but Kodama, as expected, realized what was happening. I hope that we’re going to find out about his Maken in the next episode. I’m guessing that the ability of his Maken has something to do with the absorbing or deflecting the energy released by other Maken. Mind you, this guess is only based on what I’ve seen during this episode, I’m not actually one hundred percent sure.

I’m rather confused as to why this anime is not popular enough to be subbed by other groups. Still, I like Hatsuyuki, they provide many people pretty good and accurate subs. What’s more confusing is that this anime, although not as popular as some of the other anime released this fall, has some really well-known voice actors and actresses. Most of those voice actors and actresses all have very impressive résumés.

I liked how they threw in that big breasted teacher. I think her presence could really spice up the story, providing she’ll play a part in the love polygon that revolves around Takeru. Apparently Haruko took notice of Takeru’s interest in huge breasts, which is probably why she was wearing breast pads, although I don’t think that she needs them.

And finally I would like to end this post by expressing my gratitude towards Hatsuyuki. They have done one hell of a job so far, and not just with Maken-Ki! Their C3, Fate/Zero and Persona 4 subs are also very good. Keep up the good work! Their only flaw is their speed, it takes them slightly over a day extra to release something. I guess they simply prefer quality over quantity. I can’t blame them though, I’d rather wait another day than having to watch something with bad and/or incomplete subs.

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