Oct 29, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 04

Dear readers forgive me, for I have sinned. I couldn’t wait patiently for this week’s episode of Maken-Ki! I lost to my impatient side and read the manga to date. I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it, I had to know more about Takeru’s Maken. The manga is pretty far ahead and very detailed, no way could they cover the entire manga to date in just twelve episodes. I just hope they will animate the good parts!

This week’s episode was hilarious, interesting and had some pretty nice action scenes. Takeru ended up going out on some sort of a date with Kodama due to circumstances beyond his control, it wasn’t your traditional date though, or maybe it was for some. Takeru was basically the mule during Kodama’s shopping frenzy.

It’s getting late so the two decided to go visit a maid café to get something to eat, where they “happened” to come across Azuki wearing a cute maid outfit. Kodama knew she worked there, yet she still decided to go there with Takeru. Azuki didn’t like it and practically threatened Takeru to keep quiet about her part-time job. Too bad that Haruko, Inaho and that jealous pervert was following both of them during their date, those three now know about Azuki’s job as well.

The day finally comes to a climax when Kodama suddenly realizes that she had lost sight of her true objective; investigating the mark on Takeru’s chest. She suddenly makes a move for it, when suddenly a bunch of geeks from her fan club interrupt their little moment. She soon sends those three idiots flying when another guy, a dangerous guy, suddenly pops up and attacks Kodama. Takeru wouldn’t stand for it; he came between them, went berserk and ended up beating the crap out of that guy. Kodama, as well as those three stalkers, were surprised by Takeru’s sudden display of strength.  Kodama was happy that Takeru protected her and rewarded him by giving him a kiss on the lips. Those three idiots were shocked, mad and completely jealous of what just happened between them.

Man, I really laughed a lot during this episode. I seriously can’t wait for next week. It has also caught my attention that other subgroups are now paying attention to Maken-Ki! I like that. I just hope that one of the bigger ones decide to take interest in this anime, it’s getting hard to wait two extra days for a subbed version.

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