Nov 3, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 05

Oh happy day! It seems that other subgroups are finally picking up on Maken-Ki! I’m very glad to see that NicoNico, a subgroup known for their pretty accurate and fast subs, decided to make this anime one of their projects.  I knew that this anime had some potential. Also, I received an E-mail from one of the Hatsuyuki members thanks to my Thank You post.

This episode was pretty good. This episode contains more action than comedy, which is fine once in a while. It’s nice to see that Takeru still gets into trouble thanks to his ‘accidental’ trip, fall and grope style. I would be thrown in jail if I tried to do that, life is so unfair! I want to slip and fall face-first into a pair of big breasts too.

It was awesome to see Haruko’s Maken. Her sword, Murakumo, is said to be the strongest of all eight original Maken. That’s why she has the nickname “Tenbi’s strongest maiden” ever since she enrolled. She had to use it when Takeru and that crazy little girl both got captured by this female Maken user. She has the ability to capture people using her Maken, completely disabling their movement. She can only capture people in her web if she knows the name(s) of her target(s).

This week’s episode was pretty fun. I can’t wait for next week, especially know that other subgroups are all over this anime.

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