Nov 13, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 06

It’s big-bouncing-boobs-and-big-shaking-asses-time again! I must first apologize for my tardiness. Like I said; groups behind the subtitles for Maken-Ki! tend to fluctuate.  Sometimes they release the subbed episodes on time, meaning within 24 hours, and sometimes it takes them another day or two. I think that’s because of the groups themselves, I see a lot of groups working on Maken-Ki! Some decide to stop halfway, some just take their time and the others just prefer quality of quantity.

In episode six we see that Takeru and the rest of his classmates have finally reached that stage in their school-life where they have to start training their abilities on a more serious level. That’s why Minori, the school principle, was teaching the class personally on how to harvest and control Element. Element is their primary source of energy. They use Element on a day to day basis when it comes to fighting, training or day to day activities which require vast amounts of energy. The real question is; how well can you concentrate when such a young, busty and cute teacher is trying to teach you all sorts of things?

This time it’s Inaho that had the spotlight in this episode. It focuses on the relationship between Inaho and Takeru, or more specifically the promises that the two made to one another. Inaho-chan was a bit distracted and sad because Takeru couldn’t remember what happened all those years ago. You can’t blame the guy, he was only a little boy back then, and you can’t expect someone to remember everything. Inaho spent a lot of time together with Takeru during this episode, hoping that Takeru would remember.

In the end Takeru still couldn’t recall what happened between him and Inaho when they were little. Not even when Inaho dropped a few hints. But it’s fine, Inaho realized that Takeru didn’t change one bit. She was also very happy that Takeru saved that kitty, who was about to be crushed by a boulder. Which proves, apparently, that it’s possible to concentrate when a young, busty and cute teacher is trying to teach you new things. After all; he did use Element in a controlled state in order to save that cat.

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