Nov 18, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 07

There’s nothing better than spending your Friday night with your girl on the couch watching several dozen of huge animated breasts bounce up and down. Or at least I think so, because you can’t exactly call my girl a fan of this show. I wish there was a way to get my girl in to some of those outfits (yeah, I’m a perv).

It finally happened! That dramatic blonde idiot showed up at Tenbi together with his female underlings, also known as “Venus”. The real fun starts now from here on out. I must say that it didn’t take them too long to start a conflict with other students, but it turned out to be quite an amusing turn of events. Only they could turn an innocent volleyball match into, from my point of view, a lethal dodge ball (seriously, you have to dodge if one of those balls is heading towards you) match. Goes to show just how much those Venus girls have trained their element, not to mention their Maken, who knows what they are capable of when using their Maken.

Takeru must’ve been in heaven and hell that day. First he got beat up for another one of his “innocent” accidents, got to hear that his Maken was finally finished, but couldn’t receive it yet thanks to the arrival of Venus, and he is now the center of attention between the regular students at Tenbi and the Venus girls.

I just wish that the fansub groups would finally stay with it. I see new groups every week that have decided to fansub this show, while other groups decide to stop. I really don’t understand it, this anime has pretty good ratings, so what’s with the constant changes of heart?

  1. maken-ki is really funny but most of the groups either sub this anime last or not at all

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