Nov 25, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 08

It’s once again been two days since Maken-Ki! aired and finally the subbed version is here. It’s a shame it doesn’t go any faster, waiting two days for subs can be annoying, but I’m glad to see that the groups behind the subs are continuing, unlike the many others who stopped after just a few episodes.

It’s a bit of a mess at school right now as the Venus girls are trying to settle in. Takeru is once again in the middle as Celia, one of the Venus girls, has a thing for him. The others boys in Takeru’s class took notice of this and decided to beat him up out of jealousy. The pilgrim’s pimp’s path is never easy.

A school crush is one thing, but it becomes something else entirely in the world of Maken-Ki! Celia, with the help of her friends, came up with this plan to get Celia and Takeru alone. They started with a love letter to get him at the right location, boy was he happy. The rest of the Venus girls decided to keep Takeru’s friends, or more commonly known as his female admirer’s, occupied while Cilia has her way with him.

The girls soon realized what was going on and decided to go find Takeru. The fact that they found clues leading to some sort of wicked S&M play only motivated them to rush to a blocked off building where one of the Venus girls was waiting for them. Things got really busy when Inaho showed up and was told that the Doll she was carrying wasn’t actually Takeru. She immediately went into offense when they told her what was going on. She destroyed a part of that building to reveal some sort of weird S&M music show with Takeru strapped tightly in a chair.

If you think Celia’s weird now, just wait till you see what happens later on!  I can’t wait to see Takeru’s Maken in action, he should’ve obtained his Maken by now. Let’s all hope that next week’s episode will be just as fun!

  1. I read the manga too 😀

    I was going to say “Wow, Celia, nice ass!” but I’m really glad I didn’t! 😛

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