Dec 1, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 09

All hail NicoNico! They are really fast with subbing anime, and the subs themselves are still very accurate. Normally a subbed version of Maken-Ki! arrives around Friday or Saturday, roughly two days after it’s been aired in Japan. I just hope that they keep it up without dropping it or making it a low-priority.

This episode was a total mess. The Venus girls have just begun settling in as life in Tenbi continues. But we mustn’t forget that this isn’t your everyday school, this is a school where violence and mild nudity is perfectly normal, and that’s just sugarcoating things. I’m somewhat surprised that the school isn’t filled up to the brim with teenage pregnancies.

That being said; you shouldn’t be so surprised when you see the students come up with a proposal for co-ed swimming classes. They came up with the idea to let the students fight for their desire, the winning side, boys or girls, got to decide whether or not they wanted co-ed swimming classes. You’d think that there’s already enough nudity in Tenbi, but they still decided to fight.

I wish there was half as much nudity when I went to school. Hell, if it was offered then I would’ve fought for some sexiness too. It’s amazing how fast they managed to set up that competition, but what’s more surprising is that the students, male as well as female, didn’t seem at all surprised about the competition or the prize.

It was a pretty amusing competition to watch. I laughed when they male with the orange hair and red eyes lost, because the commentator said; “Ohhh~! And now some random guy lost!” I have no idea why I laughed at that.

I have a confession to make. I have pictured Minori and Aki together with Takeru as a couple. Not apart, but all three of them forming one couple. I have no idea why, but I think that matches up pretty well. No need to call me a nerd, I get that more than enough times a day from my girl, and I make her pay for it very hard and long when night falls, imagine what I would do to YOU!?

I, at this point, hope that NicoNico keeps it up. Next week’s episode is going to be exciting now that Minerva, the last member of Venus, has arrived. Their “secret” mission is about to begin, the mission in which we will finally get to see Takeru and Usui’s Maken’s. It’s making me really curious about the ending, how are they going to tweak the manga’s ending? The ending is also very important. The first episode is the one that gives people a first impression of the show. It’s the final episode that matters most, I think, because those that followed the entire show deserve a good ending.

  1. Lia-lu-li says:

    niconico isnt that good since they watermark a lot

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