Dec 8, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 10

Woohoo! I’m very happy and sad at the same time. AnimeUltima released Maken-Ki! a lot earlier last week, too bad they couldn’t keep up the pace. The subs are still as good as ever though, so no complaints about that department.

She’s here! Minerva has arrived, and so Venus’ real mission starts! It’s a really cute character too, I especially like her eyes. She keeps her eyes closed at all times in order to hold back, I guess. But we all got a glance of her eyes when she slightly opened them to look at the other girls’ panties, and at the end of course. Her powers are really something, that’s why she’s probably one of the key characters. I’m not too sure I would call her the strongest though, definitely not. It’s still too early to come to that conclusion.

Meanwhile Takeru and Kengo are looking for the “silver-haired, cool beauty” that he saw standing in front of the window. If he wants to find her, Minerva that is, then he just needs to head to the roof where she’s looking at other girls’ panties. But we all know Takeru can’t just walk around without getting into trouble.

He decided to interfere with someone else’s affairs when he saw some girl kicking some guy’s ass. He decided to come between those two, but ended up getting caught in that girls’ Maken. Her Maken was to manipulate people within a certain area, like dolls, making them do whatever she wants. It’s a good thing that Minerva showed up to put out the fire, Takeru could’ve gotten into some real trouble, even though he was about to do something cool, probably.

Takeru’s problems just won’t end.  He got told that he’s failing, his abilities to control Element are too poor. He is now going to have to train his Element, because he’ll fail if he doesn’t.  He did manage to pull of some wicked move at the end, it looked pretty good from where I’m sitting.

Anyway, the real mission behind Venus’ arrival has started! Minerva engaged Kodama in battle, and not just that, she actually managed to defeat her little friends. Things settled down quickly after Minerva told her the true purpose behind their presence.

I have a feeling that next week’s episode is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see it!

  1. Tensai-kun says:

    I agree that Maken-Ki is funny as hell, and the way they drew their asses is pretty sexy, but you have to keep in mind that it’s just one big gag. You cannot take the storyline seriously, it’s just not that type of anime.

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