Dec 15, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 11

Where are all these episodes coming from? I looked and suddenly I saw five different episodes lined up for me to watch. Normally this only happens on Sunday, they must’ve finished early or something. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I just like schedules, for I am a creature of habit.

The start of this episode really surprised me. I was under the impression that Takeru already received his Maken, but it appears that he just got it at the start of this episode. The teacher explains to him what type of Maken he has. Basically there are two types of Maken; the internal-type and the external-type.  Takeru obtained an internal-type Maken, and those are, apparently, very rare. They are very rare because internal-type Maken’s are always active, and because not many people are compatible.

School life continues at Tenbi as everyone is already planning their next activities. Everyone had some sort of job to fulfill and, if that’s not enough, things started getting complicated as they started doing weird competitions. Things only got worse when suddenly the teachers joined them and started this weird tough-love pep talk.

It was a very strange episode that, if I do say so honestly, had nothing to do with the original story-line. They are now doing it to Maken-Ki! too, they are changing the story-line. For those who haven’t read the manga; there’s a lot of ground to cover, but they will never make it with just one episode left. I honestly couldn’t be more disappointed. There could only be one reasonable explanation for this; they are continuing the original story in a second season. I doubt it though, as nothing has been confirmed.

At the end it started following the manga again. Takeru was about to use his Maken for the first time, when suddenly Azuki joins in and finishes him off with a super kick. It seems that the café’s manager, who turned out to be the attacker, was under the control of some unknown enemy. This still has nothing to do with Venus, not just yet.

Like I said earlier; I’m getting very worried. Next week’s episode is the last one, but they will never be able to finish this entire arc in just one episode. There’s the Venus girls to consider, this unknown enemy and, after eleven episodes, Takeru still hasn’t used his Maken. They will either modify the end or create a second season.

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