Dec 22, 2011

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Maken-Ki! episode 12

It’s time to watch yet another weekly dose worth of big bouncing boobs! I was slightly concerned about how they were going to do the final episode, mainly because the rest of the manga’s story couldn’t possibly be completed within just one episode.

There’s still action in this show, despite the fact that the manga’s story isn’t being followed. This time it’s Haruko that got into a bit of trouble. Takeru, after being informed about what happened to Haruko, rushed over to the designated place. He tried to take his way out of fighting, but it was no use. The enemy attacked him without a second’s hesitation.

It quickly started looking less and less like a real fight. It looked, at least to me, like they were provoking him. Like they were forcing him to using his power. I saw a lot his past in this episode, lots of good things and lots of bad. Those memories triggered his powers, the powers that dwelled deep inside of him.

It was the first time that Takeru showed any sign of strength. Needless to say; it was absolutely awesome. His ability was to absorb as much Element as possible, and then turning it into pure power. It seemed like he wasn’t in full control of his powers, which is natural, it was his first time using them. He was just attacking aimlessly, hoping he would find Haruko.

I have no idea what happened here. The Venus Girls, who supposedly came here to test the students, showed up to save Haruko. Still, those two culprits may have been apprehended, but Takeru is still running amok. He is no longer in control, he just keeps on absorbing the Element around him.

Haruko, after being liberated, showed up to stop Takeru from doing anything he might regret. She used her Maken, one of the eight original Maken, to push out the negative Element, allowing Takeru to regain control of himself. It seems that all of this was just a test, a wicked test to see if Takeru was worthy of joining Kamigari, an evil organization that, from what I understand, lives to fight.

This pretty much finalized the final episode of Maken-Ki! I’m pretty sure, judging by the ending, and by taking the manga’s story into account, that we can expect more Maken-Ki! content in the (near) future.

  1. NeoZlav528 says:

    Personally I read the manga and was pretty looking forward to the ‘encounter’ between the Makenki and the Venus Group. But what they did Really Ruined it for me. The Fan service and most the story was followed up fr. the manga— mostly the fan service part, but deeper story and fights that would have followed didn’t happened. Plus They change the ending. Now I wonder What Invented Story they’ll do for season 2.

    That is, if there will be a season 2 after this.

  2. Is there another series that is out or is coming out because I just Finnished watching the 12 episodes that I am aware are out and they left a lot of answers??
    And also are there any OVA’s ???

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