Aug 10, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episode 04

Alright. Strange, this show. The episodes are released and subbed very irregularly.

Anyway, I finished watching this episode and the story hasn’t changed very much. Although there was a small twist, you see.. There was this girl named Kaeda, this girl had a very large pair of breasts. But instead of showing them off, she wanted them smaller, so that she could dive properly and catch whatnot at the bottom of the ocean.

Then Kaeda’s youger sister gets captured by a perverted squid, who rubs it’s slimey tentacles all over her body. After that Chifusa and Kaeda dive into the ocean to battle the squid. Things didn’t all go as planned, but it ended in Kaeda killing the squid, but losing her big breasts at the hands of Chifusa. So yeah, yet another happy ending was achieved in this episode.

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