Aug 16, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episode 05

Here we go again. Chifusa, who’s breasts have once again grown larger, finds herself in another village together with her companion Kaede. The episode starts with Chifusa shaking dice while men stare at her giant breasts. For your average anime, this would sound weird, but this is Manyuu Hiken-Chou, where things like this are perfectly normal.

This episode centers around a family who lost their mother. The mother, who’s breasts were huge, passed away due to an illness, leaving the husband and children to fend for themselves.

The episode starts with a women who was sexually harassed by four  unknown individuals. Chifusa and Kaede came to her aid right away. Kaede attempted to chase the culprits but got caught up in a trap and ended up with a cold because of it.

After that Chifusa meets the husband, who’s wife has passed away. She thinks of him as a pathetic little man, because he can’t get it together. So Chifusa decided to have a little talk with him, with the intention of helping him. The man soon walks away after getting a bit emotional.

Now we go back to a house, where the attacked woman is resting on a futon, explaining to all the present people how and where she was attacked. This all led to half the village, including Chifusa and Kaedo, who seemed to have gotten over her cold, to go look for the four unknown culprits.

Now they are walking along this countryside dirt road where, coincidentally, all the men seem to encouter one trap after the other, leaving only Chifusa and Kaede. At the end of the dirt road they encouter the four culprits, who seemed to be ecstatic about Chifusa’s huge breasts. Suddenly the four all jump at Chifusa, who simply knocked them all back down. After removing all the straw and whatnot, it turned out that the culprits were all children. The same children who’s mother had passed away. As it turns out, they only jump women with very large breasts, because their mother had large breasts. They simply wanted some motherly love, so it seems.

The four are returned to their father, who, at the time, had his hand on the attacked woman’s breast.  Chifusa and Kaede explained everything to both of them, making them understand why the children did what they did. The woman, who seems to have replaced their mother and his wife, no longer seemed to mind.

At the end we see Chifusa’s sister Kagefusa questioning a man about Chifusa’s whereabouts. I think it’s only be a matter of time before she catches up. The real question is, was is she planning to do?

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