Sep 14, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episodes 08 & 09

Well.. It’s Wednesday, so there’s basically very little to watch. So I decided to catch up on Manyuu Hiken-chou. Why not, right? Well, I’ll tell you why not; the show is starting to get annoying. Nothing ever really changes… It’s still about breasts, Chifusa is still being targeted, Kaede is still with Chifusa and bigger is supposedly still better.

Episode eight is just one big drag. Chifusa and Kaede arrive at Sanjyuu after having traveled for so long. But all they find is Lord Mie, who is uncover, on the prowl for big breasts. That’s what this entire episode is about, that man and his obsession for breasts.

At one point Chifusa gets captured by someone from the Manyuu. Kaede and Lord Mie set out to save her. The man walks in, sees a scratch on one of Chifusa’s breasts and goes completely berserk. He defeats an small army like it’s nothing, screaming “Oppai!” every time he wipes out an enemy. And now Chifusa, up against the same man who kidnapped her, defeats her kidnapper with easy, saying that she memorized his style and speed. This episode was just one big disaster. I like comedy, but this is something else entirely.

Now we arrive at episode nine, which wasn’t that much better. But, if anything, it was slightly different from usual. This time it’s Kaede who got all the attention. Kaede, during their travels through the woods, stumbles on something, falls down a hill and lands ass first on a man’s face. The man was being chased by, surprise, a bunch of girls from the Manyuu.

Once Chifusa took care of those three idiots, the man put on his glasses and saw Kaede. He wanted to paint her, because he saw Kaede as the perfect woman. Later it turns out that he wanted to paint Keade naked because of her small breasts. He sees small breasts as the future and thinks of big breasts as nothing but useless flabs of fat.

Kaede, feeling insulted and confused, flees the inn, only to be surprised by those three idiots from the Manyuu again. She was just about to be attacked when that painting moron jumps in and launches some sort of freaky butt-attack. Chifusa now joins in, finds out the truth about those three and defeats them for the second time.

In the end Kaede decided to let that man paint her anyway, but that she wouldn’t stay by his side because she wanted to continue her journey with Chifusa, to one day regain her breasts. It’s a good thing that there are only twelve episodes to this anime, meaning that it should get interesting really soon, I hope. Otherwise I really do predict a shitty ending, and that would be unforgivable.

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