Oct 8, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episodes 11 & 12

Alright, I suppose I really should write something about the last episodes. Well, Manyuu Hiken-chou may not have been the best and most serious of anime, but it was very unique. Sure, the entire plot is bullshit, the story isn’t something one should take seriously and there was only one fansub group (SubDesu) actually willing to sub this. Still, I found this anime worth writing about, especially when you look at some of the other anime that was aired during the summer.

First thing’s first, SubDesu; thank you for the subs!

Now to the actual anime, I’m confused. From episode eight till approximately ten they have been focusing on Chifusa’s past, her big breast training and the past of other characters. But with these last two episodes they seemed to have rushed the entire thing.

In the last episodes Chifusa and Kaede met up with a woman who would be able to teach Chifusa a lot of things about her powers. What should have happened over a number of episodes, happened within two episodes. The woman showed Chifusa a new way of taking breasts, a way that brings pleasure instead of pain.

Chifusa seemed to have understood; she practiced the technique and learned how to take breasts as well as give them without any pain.

The last episode was the strangest of all; Chifusa’s sisters and brothers were at her doorstep, wanting to bring her back home. But not before she had herself a rematch with Ouka. It ended pretty quickly, Chifusa finished it quickly and ended up giving Ouka her breasts back. What confuses me here is that Ouka, who should’ve been happy that her breasts had been restored, was actually pretty pissed off.

Chifusa, having been ambushed by her family, bows down to them and greets them. They were surprised to learn that Chifusa gained the ability to restore breasts. I think it’s because of that, that they allowed Chifusa and Kaede to resume their quest without any trouble.

It was a very strange end, considering the trouble they had caused for Chifusa. But we must all keep in mind that we cannot take this story seriously. If you have nothing else to watch and are up for a laugh; go for it!

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