Feb 17, 2015

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Maria the Virgin Witch episode 06

This had to happen eventually. Doubt that Maria would continue using her magic and still get away with it just because that pipsqueak didn’t actually see her do it. Those angels may be bound by certain rules, but that does not make them powerless or stupid when you find a loophole.

[Ohys-Raws] Junketsu no Maria - 06 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.46_[2015.02.17_00.04.52]What annoys me most is how that bishop continues to manipulate people into doing whatever he wants. That’s the way it goes with any religion. People think that they are “divine” because they have been touched by god and can receive divine messages. But anyway, I would’ve been fine with it if his intentions were somewhat noble. They are not in this case. He is doing everything in his power to make sure that Maria either loses her power or gets killed by someone or something so that there can be war without Maria’s constant interference. In his mind it’s “god’s will” that wants people to die a pointless death.

[Ohys-Raws] Junketsu no Maria - 06 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_14.28_[2015.02.17_00.05.13]His subordinate has already started to notice how unstable that man is. He loses his temper quite easily and his motives are questionable at best. How long will it take for people to stop listening to him and start taking Maria’s side? I would mind watching an episode where a small army of people sided with Maria in the battle against the church and the heavens.

But anyway, good times are about to end from the looks of it. They are finally about to strike. That bishop has set a plan in motion and the Archangel has given Ezekiel the order to kill Maria if she ever used Magic again to interfere, whether she actually sees her doing it or not. That means that Maria is about to gain either another enemy or an ally that ended up choosing her side after all.

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