Nov 17, 2011

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Mashiro-Iro Symphony episode 07

Here it is. I was always planning to write something about this anime, can’t say it’s surprising, it’s a really good show. I must say that I’m completely jealous of Shingo. He has roughly half a dozen of girls after him, and me… I only had two of them, one of which stayed with me and all my bullshit to date. Oh mother nature, thy be a cold hearted bitch.

They are finally on their way now that Shingo has managed to pull in more members, female members I might add, into the taking-care-of-wild-animals-until-they-can-return-to-the-wild club. The principle approved their club now that they have six members. Seriously, do all school clubs in Japan need at least six members?

Meanwhile Shingo is struggling with Sana, sure, he may now call her by her first name, but that isn’t enough, is it? There’s still a lot of hostility between those two when Shingo gets too close with Mui. Sana may claim to hate men, but she’s clearly not gay. Hell, she clearly shows signs of interest towards Shingo. Maybe she just doesn’t want Shingo close to Mui because she fears that she might lose him to her, that would logically explain the situation if you ask me.

Let’s not forget about Airi. She too despised all men, including Shingo, in the earlier episodes. But she gave in, she saw that Shingo isn’t like the men she has come to know and hate. I don’t know what she’s planning, but she has been keeping tabs on all of Shingo’s activities. She’s always there, even when he’s outside of school hours with Sana and/or Mui. Not only has that bastard half a dozen girls to choose from, but one of them might’ve actually become so smitten with him, to the point where it actually seems like she’s stalking him. Damn you Shingo!

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