Dec 1, 2011

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Mashiro-Iro Symphony episode 09

I finally saw it! I was waiting for this episode and planned on watching it yesterday, but because it arrived so late at night I couldn’t watch it until now. A real shame too, I was looking to finalize my night yesterday after having faced many hardships, or as some might call it; dinner with the in-laws.

The progress that Shingo is making with all of the girls sure amazes me sometimes. He spent the night (no, not like that, you pervert!) by Miu’s side as she was struck by a fever in the last episode. She finally woke up the next morning to find Shingo sleeping whilst holding her hand.

That kindness could not go unrewarded, so Miu invited Shingo into her home for a cup of tea and whatnot. Sana got agitated as soon as the news hit her ears, I’m sure that we all know why. Shingo finally arrived at Miu’s house, where he spent some time to talk with what he believed was Miu’s sister. That girl, also known as Yuiko, wanted to know what kind of person Shingo is by being really flirtatious and clingy.

Miu enters the room to find her mother, that’s right, her mother, clinging to Shingo like a fly in a spider’s web. I’ll be frank; I pretty much saw this coming. The mother-that-looks-way-too-young-to-be-a-mother routine is such a cliché. Doesn’t change the fact that it works, especially in this type of story where complicated and one-sided romances are key.

The day comes to an end and so Shingo decides that it’s time to leave. He gets walked home, although partially, by Miu. He realized that he forgot his phone at Miu’s house and decided to go back to get it, only to find her mother opening the door, and by doing so giving him an eyeful of Miu’s naked body as she exists the shower.

Quite a good day Shingo’s been having. The next day was a little bit awkward as they tried to pretend that last night’s incident didn’t happen, but Sana asked the wrong question, rendering them unable to speak. Sana realized how close those two had gotten as she saw Miu relying on Shingo, so she walked away with tears in her eyes.

Sana has to hurry up and start her own advances if she wants to win Shingo over. To stop hitting him would be a big plus, I don’t think Shingo’s the masochistic type. It could help her if she just focused on him instead of on Miu. One thing is for sure; she has definitely become of aware of her feelings for Shingo. I cannot help but wonder about Airi, she has feelings for him too, what does she plan to do? She definitely knows about Sana and her feelings for Shingo. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  1. great ep!! i want it to be next week already because im wondering waht sana will do now that she realized her feelings for him

  2. it totaly go to miu ending and not airi i dont see airi be the ending girl in 3 episodes also no way sana go miu all the way

  3. Bitches be trippin’ – Sheldon Cooper’s mailman, The Big Bang Theory.

    Airi definitely realized that Sana has feelings for that noob, I’m just curious as to what she’s willing to do to win him over.

  4. Mizunashi says:

    yeah great Ep ! i like how the characters interact each other in this anime ! cant wait for the next Episode.

    P/s : this will really fail me if it turns out to be Airi in the end

  5. i just sew episode 10 and we have a winner girl and confession of the main male

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