Dec 9, 2011

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Mashiro-Iro Symphony episode 10

It’s here, finally! It took yet another extra day for this episode to be subbed, I wonder why. I was really looking forward to this episode because someone was ‘kind’ enough to leak some vital information about today’s episode, making me all exciting by doing so.

The episode starts with a bad start for Sana, she is still not being honest about her feelings, seeing as she just doesn’t want to admit that she has feelings for Shingo.  Airi even confronted her about it, but she just doesn’t want to admit it. She even declined when she was invited to join the others for a drink. She’s never going to get what she truly wants if she keeps that stubborn attitude.

It’s not all bad. She got to spend some quality time with Shingo in order to clean a fish tank. She still didn’t hold back, she kept insulting him over and over again. Shingo, because of his kind personality, didn’t give in to those insults, he just kept being nice to Sana. He even gave her his handkerchief so that she could clean herself up, again.

Sana finally got talked to about her feelings for Shingo, although it started out because of the cats. But Miu doesn’t want Sana to take in the other cat as well, because it turns out that Sana is allergic to cats. Hell, the only reason why she took the first cat in, was probably because its name is Shingo. Both Miu and Sana are sacrificing their good health in order to help out these animals, although those two have probably different reasons.

Things just took a turn for the worse, at least for Sana and the others. Shingo, while all the others were out, confessed his love for Miu-chan. Miu gladly accepted his proposal. Sana definitely saw all of it and rushed, like usual, out the door to sit in the pouring rain with her cat. She was heartbroken, but she still has friends like Airi, friends who will lend her their shoulders to cry on.

It was truly a great episode! I enjoyed it so much, I might just end up watching it again. It’s good to see Shingo in a relationship with Miu, truth be told; they both deserve one another. I feel bad for Sana, but she has herself to blame too, her stubbornness always got in the way of making progress with Shingo.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode. I really wonder how all of this is going to unfold during the last two episodes.

  1. Christopher says:

    I wonder when Airi will release her feelings, she looks sad as well but tries to stay strong, However i’m really glad that Shingo and Miu got together,, REALLY HAPPY 😀

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