Dec 15, 2011

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Mashiro-Iro Symphony episode 11

Oh happy day! I went by the store and my laptop had finally arrived. I cannot explain to you all how beautiful it is, but I’ll try to post something about it later on, if not tomorrow. Some people like having children, like my girl for example, and some people like having awesome stuff. The kind of stuff that doesn’t shit itself several times a day, that doesn’t keep you up at night and/or stuff that cost you your paycheck for the next eighteen years.

All seriousness aside, let’s get going with this post! Last week’s episode was amazing, so many real-life emotions that you just can’t forget. But life continues, even in Mashiro-iro Symphony. The atmosphere between Miu and Shingo was a little bit awkward at first, but they’re doing pretty good so far.

Sana has been absent from school ever since that day. Nobody but Airi knows the real reason for her absence, which is why she tried her best to cover for Sana. I understand that she would want to take a short break in order to clear her mind, but she has to draw the line at some point. She probably doesn’t realize that she has other people worrying about her.

I was very glad to see that the relationship between Miu and Shingo is progressing along fine. Miu invited Shingo to come home with her to study about sex and whatnot. Miu’s mother definitely knows about the situation by now, all she had to do was take a good look. They started spending a lot of time together in order to study, and Shingo started noticing the rest of Miu’s body. It’s only normal, I would’ve been over her a long time ago, with my impatient attitude and all…

Sana started going to school again the next day and that kind of surprised me. Not that she was back, but that she seemed absolutely fine with everything. Hell, that girl made a lot of progress. She was alone with Shingo in their clubroom where she ended up saying, and I quote; “If Miu ends up dumping you after her graduations, then I wouldn’t mind becoming your girlfriend.” – I cannot believe that happened!

Everything is progressing very smoothly. Airi seems to be doing fine, Sana is doing great and the relationship between Miu and Shingo is progressing very well. They are getting a lot more physical (not like that, pervert), they spend a lot more time with one another and they now go to each other’s houses to do god knows what. You can’t escape hardships in life, it’s all a package deal.

It was very nice to see everyone progress like that. It’s actually sad that next week’s episode will be the last, because this show could’ve definitely done with another dozen. They’ll probably just make an OVA or two, that’s usually how it works.  I’m still waiting for another Usagi Drop OVA.

This has been yet another green episode. A lot of emotions, a lot of physicality, a lot of emotional progress and a lot of great scenes gave this episode a permanent spot in my mind. I can only hope that next week’s final episode will be this great, I can’t wait to see how it ends.

Have you not yet seen Mashiro-iro Symphony? Well… Start watching, dammit!

  1. man this episode was great! i wished they made phi brain 12 episodes and this 24.

    miu and shingo make a cute couple but i’m worried about airi. shes taking it too well… that cant be good.

  2. Hell yeah. It was a very touching ep!!

    Miu is a naughty girl. She wanted more when Shingo kissed her 😛

    Its very sad that next weeks episode will be the last 🙁

  3. episode 12 will be about the school merge cancell airi talked about

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