Dec 23, 2011

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Mashiro-Iro Symphony episode 12

I know it’s late, I know… But I’m free tomorrow, so it’s all good! I’ve been spending my evening listening to some rap. I know what you’re all thinking, but I’m actually not the hip-hop kind of guy, I just happened to come across this song that I liked. These guys do some great things, seriously, check them out, they’re called TimeFlies.

Anyway, on with this week’s episode of Mashiro-Iro Symphony. It’s sad that this is the final episode, but to everything comes an end, right? The episode started off right when this romantic moment between Shingo and Miu. I was happy to see that everyone had gotten used to the relationship those two now have. I honestly expected a lot more complications within the group.

Remember when I said that everything has an ending? Of course you do; I just said it. Well, it’s true, and it applies for everything. It was finally time to let Pannya, the club’s cherished cat, go back to where he belongs. It seems that his mother was looking for him, so the club decided to do their part. Miu already saw it coming, she knew that she and Pannya would have to go their own ways eventually.

Meanwhile the school board is rethinking their decision on the school’s merger. There’s a very good chance that the school might return to being an all-girl’s school. That means that the boys, including Shingo, might end up on yet another school. The news soon spread through the school like a wildfire. The students wouldn’t give up without a fight, they decided to protest against it.

Miu finally mustered the strength to bring Pannya back to his mother. It was a very touching moment when Pannya was reunited with his family. She realized that she would always have the many fun memories she shared with Pannya. It almost seemed like Pannya was going to stay, but he decided to go with his family after all.

A very touching episode indeed, but there will always be something new. That’s the way of life, I doubt that it will ever change. I like how this anime is so down to earth, you know… There’s absolutely no pretentious stuff.

The show may have ended, but this is definitely a title to be remembered. Watching each and every episode was absolutely a delight. About how many shows can you say that? Think about it.

Finally I would like to finish by saying that this show comes strongly recommended. Everything is based on real-life situations, which makes the story all the more interesting. The emotions in this show are always at an all-time high, for sure. So to all the people that worked on creating this; thank you!

  1. This episode was very good! I actually cried when Miu didn’t want to give up her little furry friend 🙁

    I really hope there will be more of this show coming.

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