Aug 12, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 06

Time really does fly, it seems like only yesterday that I watched the first episode. I guess, in some way, it proves how amusing this show is.

So this episode is just another continuation of the previous one. The episode starts at their school festival. Kinjiro took Masamune, as promised, to the festival instead of Subaru, in order to keep Subaru’s secret safe. But Subaru couldn’t leave it at that, she kept a very close eye on those two, interrupting them whenever she thought was necessary.

At one point Subaru actually started clinging to Kinjiro, not leaving his side for even a second. So Kinjiro, the lucky bastard, had a beauty on each arm. The public, or rather his fellow students, took notice of it and ganged up on him. This ordeal led to a rather strange competition, led by Kanade, in order to keep Kinjiro from getting beaten up out jealousy. Whoever answered the most questions correctly, is announced the winner. Needless to say, it’s Kinjiro’s team who won the competition, saving him from getting the beating of a life time.

After the competition, the crowd started getting upset, wanting to know which one of those girls Kinjiro liked most. Nervously he picked up the microphone and announced to the whole world, while shouting, that he liked Kanade Suzutsuki above all else.

Then Kanade, after everyone, including herself, being surprised by that announcement, picks up the microphone and refuses him point blank. Kanade, while refusing to Kinjiro, keeps walking backwards toward the door, followed by Kinjiro.

Once outside, Kanade expresses how hurt she is by Kinjiro’s so-called fake confession. Wanting revenge, Kanade jumps up to Kinjiro, hugs him tightly and says that she loves him, making Kinjiro feel really uncomfortable.

Finally the day comes to a climax. Kinjiro meets up with Masamune as the sun is going down, introduces her to Subaru, who already has been informed by Kanade that Kinjiro was going along with Masamuna just to protect her. So Kinjiro has yet another girl to worry about, yet another girl who is after his heart.

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