Sep 4, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 09

Sorry about the delay, I couldn’t find the time to write any sooner. Anyway, I’m very surprised. When I first read about this anime I wasn’t really all that impressed, but without noticing I find myself waiting for it. I really enjoy watching it, it never gets boring.

This episode is basically about Kinjirou helping out Masamune with her job at a maid-café. So yeah, it’s a regular maid-café that has a major staff shortage. Then Nakuru and Kureha also come to work part-time at the maid-café, to earn a bit extra and help out the busty owner. Now how could this possibly be a real Mayo Chiki episode without Subaru and Kanade?

Meanwhile Subaru got dragged into a butler-café by some guy who mistook Subaru for an employee. Subaru tried to explain the situation, but the staff there wouldn’t really listen. Subaru got a bit hot-headed and ended up destroying a door. Now Subaru is forced to work there to pay off the door she destroyed.

Now back to the maid-café, where Kanade is raising hell by making Masamune do all sorts of things. Kanade is really trying to piss of Masamune, making her write on her omelet with ketchup, call her Mistress and a whole lot more. The list goes on. At one point it’s time to close up, but it still isn’t a real Mayo Chiki episode where Kinjirou gets into trouble. Kanade deviously suggested that Kinjirou might have a maid-fetish, which caused all the girls there to distance themselves from him. Kanade’s diabolical plan was going smoothly. Kanade talked Masamune into showing Kinjirou her garter belts in order for them to see if Kinjirou reacts to it. Masamune wanted to know, so she flashed her garter belts and Kinjirou, because of his mental situation, was almost about to give in. But! Kinjirou was saved by the bell, or more specifically; by Subaru who showed  up right on time, after having worked at the butler-café to pay off the door she destroyed.

So Kanade, who seemed to be pleased at how things turned out, took her leave together with Subaru, only to be followed by Kinjirou .Kinjirou wanted to know what Subaru meant in the last episode, it turned out that Subaru only wanted to upgrade the relationship between them from friends to best friends. Kinjirou probably mistook it as an confession of love. I think it’s about time that the relationship between Kinjirou and Subaru goes to the next level, but we’ll see.

  1. This may have been my fav ep of mayo chiki. too bad theres no second season

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