Sep 16, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 11

My waiting has been rewarded, it was an very amusing episode. What I like most about it, is that even though it’s the eleventh episode, it’s not the final one.

The episode starts with a pretty normal day in the life of Kinjirou. Subaru comes to pick him up for school, he almost gets hit by Masamune on her new scooter and barely escapes death (That’s right, that’s normal!) and during his time at school he has to deal with the sinister Kanade.

Yep… It went pretty smoothly until Kanade shared her bento during lunchtime on the roof. Little did Subaru know that the Bento contained ingredients cooking in wine and whatnot. Subaru doesn’t really hold her liquor well and just a drop would be enough to get her drunk. In theory this would be every guy’s dream girl, but not for Kinjirou. The drunk Subaru acted all clingy and, thanks to Kanade, licked sauce out of Kinjirou’s neck.

Subaru is laid to rest after that little incident. Little did Kinjirou know that his day was far from over. Kanade suddenly got the hiccup, but not your everyday hiccup, it’s Kanade’s cute hiccup that apparently will attract the attention of any man or woman. During the process of trying to cure Kanade of her hiccups, which was no easy task, she slipped and fell down the stairs at school. Kanade sprained her ankle and was brought to the hospital.

Accidents will happen, but in Kanade’s family they aren’t without consequence. Subaru, who was unable to protect Kanade from getting hurt, was fired. She was no longer Kanade’s butler, so Subaru’s father came over to take care of Kanade.

Subaru ran away after hearing the bad news. But Kinjirou wouldn’t leave it at that and followed Subaru. Finally Subaru stops and Kinjirou caught up. The two quarrel for a little while but Kinjirou just doesn’t want to let her go. Unfortunately Subaru is dead set on leaving, so she says goodbye to Kinjirou. Gently she leans towards him and lands a kiss on his cheek, causing him to panic and pass out. This is it, the next episode is going to be great. Kinjirou will definitely find her, he has to! But it’s clear that Kanade has feelings for Kinjirou too, so I’m rather curious about what she’s going to do about it.

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