Sep 23, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 12

Yet another sad day, for today is the day where we get to see Mayo Chiki’s final episode, or so some communities claim. I’m standing firm behind my theory that this show was doing very well, it has a very large fanbase, it has a high viewers rating in Japan and the manga has been read slightly more than average. So I, based on all those facts, can come to no other conclusion that there is a strong possibility that Mayo Chiki might get a second season, or at least several OVA’s.

So the story simply continues and Kinjirou, who had regained consciousness from Subaru’s kiss on the cheek, decided to go after Subaru with the help of Masamune and her scooter. Kinjirou and Masamune arrive at some sort of shrine where they were last time during all those fireworks. Kinjirou walks towards that shrine where he finds Subaru just sitting there. Kinjirou made it very clear to her how he felt about all of this, and how Subaru should just come home. Subaru, who had calmed down, agreed to come home first thing tomorrow morning.

It was late, too late to go home apparently. The two decided to book a room for the night in a nearby inn. Kinjirou was nervous all night, especially after Kanade’s call, who messed with his mind by telling him that tonight might just be the start of his “first experience” with Subaru. He was really on edge, especially when Subaru stood up and they started talking, which resulted in Subaru lying next to Kinjirou, hand in hand.

The next morning they get picked up by Kanade and Subaru’s father, who was pissed off at Kinjirou, thinking that he might have defiled his precious daughter. All of them went back home and life simply continued. School starts and everyone hears the news about Subaru’s transfer, only to find out, by some, that Subaru is now going to school under a different identity, because she is no longer Kanade’s butler.

Kinjirou observed for as long as he could, but he decided to ask the help of all the girls that were pissed at him, because they thought he was responsible for Subaru’s transfer. They formed an alliance, after which they started this huge petition in order to get the old Subaru back, practically everyone wanted to sign that petition. At the end of the day they had collected several stacks of paper, all sign by people who want Subaru back. Kanade took all those petitions home to her father, to show him how much Subaru means to her and everyone else, how they want her back no matter what. Success! The very next day we get our old Subaru back, she was reinstated as Kanade’s butler.

Everything is once again back to normal. Subaru is once again a butler, Kanade is still the cute and sinister girl we’ve come to know and love, Kureha is still the same old wrestling fanatic that practices on her brother, Masamune is still the same shy girl who observes everything from behind the scenes and Nakuru is still the group’s glasses-fetishist. Life goes on.

Subaru, after school, calls for Kinjirou to meet her in the park. She wanted to thank him for all that he has done for her, not as Kanade’s butler, but as Kinjirou’s female friend. A kiss is coming, Kinjirou realized that and starts to get nervous, when Kanade, who had been spying on them from behind a tree, aggressively tells Subaru to just kiss him. Subaru grabs a hold of him and lands one right on the lips. Great ending, it’s the type of ending that leaves you wanting more.

This only confirmed my theory. A lot of ground has yet to be covered, for example the relationship between him and Kanade, there’s obviously something there. And what about Masamune and Nakuru? There’s a lot that still needs explaining, so I’m definitely expecting more Mayo Chiki in the (near) future.

  1. awesome anime i hope for more

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