Sep 30, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 13

What the hell? Every anime information site I’ve visited over the past week stated that Mayo Chiki would only have twelve episodes. A week later and episode thirteen suddenly arrives, with any and all anime information sites now saying that Mayo Chiki has thirteen episodes. I think it’s very strange, but it did make my day.

All I can say about this episode, summarized in one word, is FINALLY! They finally focused on Nakuru. They started out with Nakuru working on her manga, but she couldn’t find the inspiration to continue, she had only finished the first half. She called Kureha, Masamune, and later on Kanade and Subaru for their help.

They changed locations every time, hoping Nakuru would get inspired in order to finish her work. Nakuru went shopping for clothing, manga, but none of that seemed to help. She was thrown off her game because a boy confessed to her, something that surprisingly didn’t happen to her a lot. She didn’t know how to deal with it, she was very insecure, mainly about her breasts. She was under the impression that her breasts were way too big, apparently not knowing that most boys her age love big breasts.

She went to Kinjirou’s house and asked him out on a date, hooray! She wanted to get rid of her insecurity, and she thought that Kinjirou could help her with that. They went out for a picnic as soon as it became dark outside. Both sat there on a bench talking, when it came to light that Nakuru was very insecure about her breasts, after which Kinjirou told her that everyone has insecurities, that it’s normal to feel that way. Nakuru thought that it would help her to push her breasts onto Kinjirou, hoping that his reaction would be normal, and that he wouldn’t pass out because those huge funbags were pressing up against him. It ended pretty normally, Nakuru was satisfied with how their date turned out, she finished her manga on time and she gained some self-confidence.

That’s all very cute, but I couldn’t possibly see this episode as the end of Mayo Chiki. It didn’t look like an ending at all, if anything it just screamed “To be continued!” as soon as those two ended their date. There were no credits, there are many questions that still need answering and several relationships that have barely started. There is more Mayo Chiki coming, that much is obvious.

  1. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    well episode 13 didnt feel like a final episode so i would like to know if they are continuing it or they’ll stop making you episodes?

  2. Thomas Lopez says:

    Does anyone know if episode 14 out yet ? or does anyone know when is it out? or maybe if there is a manga about it ? i just wanna know what happens next after episode 13.

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