Nov 3, 2012

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Medaka Box Abnormal episode 04

I can see it! I can finally see where they’re going with this! I was under the impression that they wanted Medaka in class thirteen, but it seems that there’s so much more behind it. It’s not just about the “flask plan”. It’s about Medaka as well. The way I see it, she’s standing in the middle of it all.

I couldn’t help but notice that Shigusa, Medaka-chan’s opponent this week, happened to mention that Medaka is the exact opposite of all the members in class thirteen. I couldn’t help but wonder why… Why is Medaka so different? I also remembered him saying that everyone in class thirteen is searching for the perfect human being. This just led me to believe that they think that Medaka’s the closest to being perfect. Let’s face it; every person in class thirteen has at least one flaw, yet they are all Medaka’s opposite. It’s strange, because I know for a fact that Medaka’s pretty flawed as well. She has her moments, definitely, but I’m pretty sure she has more flaws than any of those “abnormals”.

I haven’t even started about how Medaka defeated Shigusa. He was a tough opponent, but that didn’t stop Medaka from defeating him. It’s a shame that they lost the data though. It almost made this episode seem useless. Yes, almost. The amount of information one obtained during this episode made it all worthwhile.

There’s one small thing that bothers me… Medaka’s next opponent is Kei, an abnormal that is on the most wanted list for mass murder. I have no idea how I should respond to that. I mean, he’s a wanted man. How is it possible for him to enrol into a high school? I know Medaka Box isn’t known for its realism, but come on… At least give us a nice explanation during next week’s episode, please!

Medaka Box Abnormal episode 04 screencaps

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