Dec 1, 2012

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Medaka Box Abnormal episode 08

Well, this episode wasn’t exactly as I had imagined it, but it’ll have to do. Do I sound disappointed to you? Well, perhaps that’s because I am. I had a lot of expectations for this episode, most of which were shot down during the first few minutes. Maybe that’s a good thing? I know I couldn’t possibly become an author; I’m too predictable, because I only create the things that I would want to see.

Let’s just come straight to the point; Medaka-chan has finally been reunited with her younger sister, Kujira. She immediately recognized her, so that’s always a good sign. Unfortunately, her little sister couldn’t care less. In fact, it seems she didn’t because she wiped out her own memories (or at least most of them). This makes Kujira, or anyone else that doesn’t want to be happy, a very dangerous girl. Not only because she likes pain and suffering, but also because she has the ability to take away someone’s abnormality and memories, even though it’s something that Maguro invented.

The one thing that I didn’t like was when six new characters joined the picture. I hate that. I absolutely hate that. Class thirteen “Plus Six”? Yeah right, probably have a dozen disposable characters that were introduced because the story was getting dull. They will have to fight almost all of the characters that Medaka-chan has defeated so far, seeing as they’ve switched sides. That part I liked it! I can definitely see those people as Medaka’s friends. It allows for a lot of comedy and action. I just hope these six new characters disappear soon.

Medaka Box Abnormal episode 08 screencaps

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