Dec 22, 2012

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Medaka Box Abnormal episode 11

Oh come on… Enough is enough! The whole episode was a ride of joy, until I saw the ending. Why is it that they always tend to introduce new characters at the very end? I don’t care about some creepy transfer student. I just want to see Mekaka-chan as she beats the living daylights out of that crazy old man.

[HorribleSubs] Medaka Box S2 - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.38_[2012.12.21_13.15.04]Anyway, the majority of the episode was pure bliss. I saw as Medaka-chan entered a new kind of War God Mode, a mode where she has full control, unlike the mode where she has pink hair. This mode shows Medaka-chan with beautiful black hair and a whole lot of power. It sounds very surprising, but Oudo was shocked beyond his wildest dreams.

I’m going to skip by the part where Odou seriously wounded Itami-chan, Kujira’s best friend. It was nice to see how Kujira came to her senses and realized that unhappiness isn’t the way to go. I was even nicer when Odou tried to take Medaka’s abnormality, but stopped in the middle of it because of all the horrific perks that came with it.

[HorribleSubs] Medaka Box S2 - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.37_[2012.12.21_13.15.47]Now, I don’t like the fact that Medaka simply forgive him like that, let alone that they seemed to have become friends already, but that certainly wasn’t unexpected. We all know how that character’s personality works by now. However, I was surprised when they introduced yet another character, which is kind of stupid, because they always do that with Medaka Box.

Oh well, next week’s episode will be the last. There are only two things for which I can pray right now; a good ending and another season. But, with me being an Atheist and all, I can merely hope that they will give us a decent ending, preferably one where Medaka and Zenkichi finally kiss. Come on, that’s been a long time coming… Make it so!

Medaka Box Abnormal episode 11 screencaps

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    I’m trying to find the manga chapter of this episode.

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