Oct 18, 2012

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Medaka Box Abnormal

Woohoo, Medaka Box is back! The first season was very amusing and pretty interesting. And I must say that this season has a darn good start. It came as no surprise to me that Shiranui’s grandfather, the school’s principle, turned out to be such an evil man. It’s not entirely certain that he’s evil, but no good guy has eyes like that.

The artwork is still the same as ever, good! The characters were part of the reason why I love this show. Pick any character from Medaka Box, any one. I’m pretty confident that I would be able to pick that character out of a line-up. It’s simply that good.

I can’t say much about the story yet. It sounds pretty interesting, although Medaka-chan doesn’t strike me as the type that would hurt people to gain a higher position. I guess that’s why she declined the principle’s offer to become part of those thirteen “abnormal” students, also known as class thirteen.

Anyway, long story short; yes. I recommend Medaka Box’s season two to everyone. Be sure to have seen the first season before starting this one, otherwise you won’t understand a thing of what’s going on here.

Plot Summary: What started as a simple assistance program has escalated insanely out of control, and now Medaka Kurokami finds herself exposed as something far more than human. But that’s only the beginning of a new series of shocking revelations that lead towards a dark secret plan that not even the unbelievable power of her War God Mode may be able to withstand. Still, Medaka’s proving to be good at thinking outside of the box, and if she needs the full backing of every hidden resource of the Student Council to meet the challenge, then that’s what she’s going to get. Even the Abnormal ones!

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