Apr 19, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 03

Ohh~! Now this was more than I expected from Medaka Box. It was actually quite an amusing and interesting episode. I can’t believe they ended the episode with a cliff-hanger, haha. How very unusual. No matter, it is just another excuse for me to look forward to next week’s episode.

A lot happened during this episode, but nothing that I foresaw. It revolved primarily around Zenkichi, or nowadays known as the “club crasher”. He has been going from club to club, using their equipment to vent any and all stress. The first person that tried to benefit from that was none other than some delinquent named Kanoya. He was hell-bent on hurting Medaka-chan. I guess he didn’t like the way he lost to her, which is why he ended up gathering some followers, including Zenkichi. Zenkichi stormed through the door later that day, disposed of their weapons and defeated that delinquent like it was nothing. I never knew that he was that strong.

The second part was even more interesting. A girl named Nabeshima submitted a request to the student council, asking them if they could her help to elect a qualified person to fill her role as the judo club captain when she leaves. However, there was a hidden agenda behind her request. She didn’t just want anybody. No, she wanted Zenkichi. She wants him to switch with Kouki, some idiot that is banana’s over Medaka-chan, and take her place as the club’s captain. But! Kouki would first have to defeat him in a judo match before that would happen. I wonder… Will Zenkichi follow through? Will he defeat that guy and stay by Medaka-chan’s side?

Oh, I mustn’t forget about Nabeshima’s remark towards Zenkichi. She said that there was more to him than meets the eye, merely because he is capable of keeping up with Medaka-chan. She even referred to Medaka-chan as, and I quote; “a freak of nature”. How dare she!? Is it really wrong for someone, even if it’s a girl, to be stronger than others?

Anyway, I would like to end this post by saying that this anime really surprised me. I thought it would be a head-on fan service episode, but all those ecchi scenes were actually very subtle, I like that. Sure, Medaka-chan took her clothes of against when she was alone with Zenkichi, but that was it. The rest was very subtle. Those accidental panty flashes during her judge matches were brilliant. I truly hope that they will keep this up.

Medaka Box episode 03 screencaps

  1. Zezaru-senpai says:

    Medaka-chan is best 😀

    why do japanese girls in anime always wear white panties?

  2. Zenkichi is so strong because of his desire to protect his friends. He doesn’t want Medaka to get hurt, ever, which is why he trains and trains in order to be able to protect them.

    I disagree on the subtlety part though. What’s so subtle about it? I saw several panty flashes during this episode.

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