May 3, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 05

Now this was interesting. Oh, and I knew it. We are finally goingto get Mogana, that money hungry girl from the swimming club. I do have one thing to say though; I don’t like her appearance with the glasses and whatnot. She looked really good during this episode (without those glasses). Besides, I honestly don’t think that she is the glasses-type.

Anyway, the story was simple and yet so complicated. The entire episode revolved around the school’s clubs and their need for more funding. That’s when Medaka-chan came up with a solution; to hold a big competition for everyone to enjoy. The prize? Simple; the winning club gets more money. That goes to show that the world really (sadly) does revolve around money.

The objective was to dive to the bottom of the pool, grab a few balls and throw them into your club’s basket. The club with the most points wins the competition. However, Medaka-chan made things a little bit more chaotic by offering three times the amount of money to the club that managed to surpass the student council in points.

I’m not going in to details right now, but the swimming team, Mogana’s team, managed to beat the student council. Normally human beings float due to the air in their lungs, but those three exhaled when diving, allowing them to dive much faster because there isn’t much air in their lungs. Don’t get mistaken, this method is very dangerous and could prove to be fatal when you make a single mistake. How the hell were those three raised for them to become so hungry for money?

It really was an interesting episode. I can’t wait to see how things end. Oh, before I forget, I really think that Hansode’s presence was unneeded during this episode. Her commentary made things a lot worse for poor Medaka-chan. Don’t think that I’ll forgive you just because you look cute from time to time! One of these days…

Medaka Box episode 05 screencaps

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