May 10, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 06

This week’s episode was something else. I cannot believe the amount of fan service that they surprised us with. It’s like Medabox changed into something like Kanokon, an anime that’s known for nothing but mild sexual scenes.

So the story continues with this whole pool-contest thing. The club that comes out on top wins a lot of money for materials and whatnot. That’s fine, but Medaka finally snapped a little because if the swimming club’s recklessness. They were doing some dangerous stuff throughout the contest and it really got to Medaka-chan. I’m not surprised, as it had to happen eventually.

The second round was a one-leg-tied-partner-race contest. The swimming decided to swim using some kind of breaststroke whilst they each had one leg tied. That was the part that really got to Medaka-chan. One false move and it could’ve proven to be fatal for those two idiots. It doesn’t change the fact that it was quite impressive though.

Medaka-chan decided to make her comeback during the final round by preaching the day away. This is where most of the fan service start, and I knew it was coming too. How could I not? Pretty much any anime fan knows that these types of events are bound to give us a nice eyeful. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that I expected to see Medaka-chan preach to the swimming club and kissing Mogana-chan whilst taking her bandana. That was something else.

Nevertheless, it was a very amusing episode. I really enjoyed myself and it was nice to see that Mogana-chan has finally become part of the student council, as expected. I expect the show to get even more amusing with her presence in the student council. By the way, did annoying notice Medaka-chan’s raging when Zenkichi told Hansode that he loved her (as a joke)? No way was that just to maintain their image. I can’t want to see what happens next, now that there’s another girl in the club.

Medaka Box episode 06 screencaps

  1. this episode was my least favorite

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