Jun 7, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 10

Okay, what in god’s name am I to say about this episode? It was a little strange, aggravating and confusing. I expected to see a lot of strange stuff involving that psychotic midget, but this was beyond my expectations. I’m not all that sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

The story continues as Medaka-chan saved all of their friends. Zenkichi ended up bluffing that busty chick with a cute little story about how Medaka saved their lives instead. Dude, please, you would’ve shat yourself if you were up against those freaks. Then again, Zenkichi has proved to be quite the brawler, so he might not have been defeated so easily. I can’t say the same thing for Mogana-chan though.

It had gotten to the point where that little midget actually entered the student council office alone. He was surprised that Medaka-chan found out about his little trick, the use of “superballs” as weapons. However, Medaka-chan found out at the very last minute that he had filled those balls with explosive gas or something, which would explode if it came in contact with fire. That’s when that midget pulled out a lot of matches, lit them and threw them towards those balls.

Part of the school’s building ended up being destroyed in the process, not to mention the fact that the student council members would’ve been killed in the explosion if it weren’t for Medaka. Seriously, that guy is beyond saving. Just spray him with lighter fluid and light him on fire, or as the saying goes; “kill it with fire”.

However, it’s not over yet. He tried to individually harm her friends and blew up their office with them all in it. All his attempts failed, but it sure pissed of Medaka-chan to a point where her hair colour changed, or as Zenkichi calls it; Medaka’s “war god mode”. That and that alone was more than enough to make me watch the next episode. I have never seen Medaka-chan so angry, so I will definitely be watching the next episode.

Medaka Box episode 10 screencaps

  1. baklavaking says:

    only natural for her to become angry if the antichrist tries to kill her friends

    i dont think its far to call her a monster when she uses it for good

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