Jun 14, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 11

Oh come on, what a semi-disappointing episode this was. I was looking forward to seeing Medaka-chan beat the living hell out of that little brat. Why did the rest of the student council have to interfere? She was doing so well. Let’s face it; that brat needs to be disciplined more than anyone.

The story continues as Medaka-chan is about to end it all. Myouri, that little brat, acknowledged her monstrous strength and knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance if he didn’t lure her inside the building. It was a struggle just to get inside that building, let alone perform yet another one of his stupid attacks. But he decided to do it anyway. He used little balls of string, made from special materials, to trap Medaka-chan inside the building by keeping her at bay with the use of hundreds of strings. Really? You are going to trap a girl that has the ability to knock down the entire school with just strings? Sigh, [insert sarcastic line here].

Myouri would’ve gotten beaten beyond recognition if Zenkichi, Kouki and Mogana-chan hadn’t stopped her from doing so. Not just that, Medaka-chan soon returned to normal and actually asked that little brat to join the student council. I almost fell off my chair during that part. Her reasoning is completely messed up, not to mention her ability to pick “friends”.

Anyway, the end is near. Next week will be the final episode of Medaka Box, and probably a messed up one too, seeing as Hansode-chan and her grandfather, the school principle, are both involved now. It has been a long and strange ride during these last few weeks, but I am curious as to see how this will end. Medaka Box hasn’t really disappointed if I look at the big picture, but I do feel that it misses a little bit of romance in my opinion. That’s all.

Medaka Box episode 11 screencaps

  1. DasHunter says:

    why suprised? she has always been like that no??? everyone call her a monster and she keep helping them after anyway

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