Jun 21, 2012

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Medaka Box episode 12

And so it ends… Well, I wouldn’t say that it completely ended. It’s just the first season. The second season, which has been green-lit, will probably start somewhere in October. This episode didn’t really say goodbye, nor did it make me want to watch the second season after such a messy ending. Still, I will probably end up watching it anyway.

So yeah, we had to watch an episode without Medaka-chan. It seems that she was hospitalized as a precaution, just to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with her. Maybe that’s why the episode seemed so dull? Let’s face it; this anime primarily revolves around Medaka, thus the name Medaka Box, so it’s not all that surprising if things become a little bit dull without her to spice things up.

Still, life goes on and so does the student council, even without Medaka. They received a request to find a missing shogi piece (shogi is also known as generals’ chess). The remainder of the student council sent their day looking for several pieces, actually. It seems that all the “king” pieces were missing. What a great season finale; looking for board game pieces. [Insert sarcastic line here].

I’m not going to lie by saying that I wasn’t a bit bored. I wasn’t really amusing by the gag-like comedy in this episode. I wasn’t really amused by this week’s quest. And I certainly wasn’t amusing by the way things ended. Come on, letting a group of (what seemed to be) unknown delinquents say things like “to be continued”… That’s just wrong. How is that supposed to make us want to see the next season?

It goes without saying that I’m a little bit disappointed. I expected to see a nice season finale, but got to see something like this instead. I will probably still give the second season a go, as they will probably end things properly next time. I have seen people compare this ending to Fate/Zero’s season one. How stupid, this is nothing like that at all. The finale of Fate/Zero’s season one made you want to watch the second season, no matter what. This one doesn’t.

Medaka Box episode 12 screencaps

  1. NoSrsly says:

    I couldn’t agree more, it WAS disappointing. It lacked focus, almost like they were trying to buy time, trying to fill up an episode just to get it out of the way. It lacked giving us any clear direction for where the series was going. It was a flop as a segue to Season 2. I mean, a season-closing episode without the Heroine? Seriously?

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