Oct 10, 2013

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Shoot me. Please, be merciful and just shoot me. This season could’ve been perfect. Almost every show is either enjoyable or just great. It really could’ve been perfect if it weren’t for this or Phi Brain.

Meganebu!The artwork… What a waste! This sort of artwork would be fine for an anime short, just like the story. Do you really expect me to watch some kind of slapstick-style anime where all the characters obsess over glasses?

There is no story. Following a group of five teenage boys and see how they go about their lives with their obsession for glasses is not a story. That’s a desperate scream for help.

No. Don’t even think about giving this show a chance. It’s just not worth your time. It would’ve been fine if it was an anime short, but wasting twenty minutes every week on this is just too much. I don’t recommend it.

Plot Summary: Akira Souma attends a rural school and has a passion for his glasses. He forms a Glasses Club and makes his various bespectacled classmates join.

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